#WrestleMania 35- Five Awesome Facts You Do Not know About Becky Lynch

Irish professional wrestler, Becky Lynch became the first full-blooded Irish woman to win the WWE Smackdown championship. The Lynch story is one filled with a whole lot of determination and hard work, which in the end paid off. Becky who is a member of the famous Horsewomen is one of the most famed and most beloved members of the woman group. In the light of her amazing win, check out the five awesome things about the wrestler below#WrestleMania 35- Five Awesome Facts You Do Not know About Becky Lynch 1

  • Lynch is one of the most versed and well-travelled wrestlers in the WWE’s roster. She after her debut in Ireland in 2005, she started wrestling all over Europe. She wrestled at England’s World Association Wrestling, France’s Queens of Chaos promotion and Germany’s German Stampede Wrestling. She also briefly went to Japan where she competed in the International Women’s Gran Prix in 2005. On this tour, the wrestler won an 18-person Battle Royal later.
  • Flight Attendant Becky to Superwoman Lynch: Becky like every great person in the world suffered some setbacks while trying to achieve their goals. Becky used to be a flight attendant before she came back to the scene again. The man as she is called suffered cranial nerve damage in 2005 which caused her to quit wrestling for a while. During this time, she moved to Ireland where she worked with Aer Lingus as an attendant for two and a half years. #WrestleMania 35- Five Awesome Facts You Do Not know About Becky Lynch 2
  • Manager Lynch: Upon her return to the wrestling world, Becky came back as a manager rather than a wrestler. She managed none other than Paige, and she did a wonderful job as the wrestler’s valet. She kept on being her manager until she signed a deal with NXT.
  • Not Just An Entertainer But A Real Life Fighter: Becky is a trained real-life fighter, not just a wrestling entertainer. The relentless one has varying skills in professional combat, including martial art and therefore can fight for real.
  • The Art Of Clown: Becky studied acting while in Dublin Institute of Technology. Her thesis was on “The art of clown”. According to her, there’s far more to the art of clown than just smiles, giggles and juggling. She stated that putting the red nose on yourself can put you in a very vulnerable position as it feels like it’s a window to your soul.#WrestleMania 35- Five Awesome Facts You Do Not know About Becky Lynch 3


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