Woman Sets Husband On Fire For Refusing To Give Her His Phone’s Passcode

A woman has been arrested by the Indonesian police after she allegedly set her husband on fire due to him refusing to give her his phone’s PIN code. 25-year old Ilham Cahyani asked her husband Dedi Purnama, 26, to give her the passcode to his mobile device but he refused.  The man was said to be fixing the roof of their house then and upon him climbing down, she allegedly grabbed hold of a can of petrol and poured it over Dedi then set him on fire. Oji a witness told reporters that he ran to the scene to help Dedi out before he was rushed to the hospital. Made Yogi police chief speaking on the case said Dedi was rushed to the Keruak Health Centre and underwent treatment for two days before he passed. The woman has since been arrested and remains in custody.  Photo Credit: Getty


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