Woman Marries Her STEPFATHER After Meeting Him As A Bridesmaid At His Wedding To Her Mother

A woman who married her own stepfather has revealed she first met her future husband the day before he married her mum, aged just 14.

Age Gap Love star Sarah, 28, from South Wales, was living with her dad in Portsmouth at the time, so only met David, 69, when she was doing bridesmaid duties.

The couple, who run a bouncy castle company together and have been married for ten years, hit it off immediately, but didn’t see each other for a year after the wedding.

Sarah said: “Me and David just had a natural friendship and enjoyed each other’s company and could talk and laugh and be friends.”

While pensioner David added: “There’s a physical age gap, but there isn’t a mental gap. It’s just our personalities, we’re so good together, we just seem to gel.” The couple insist they only got together after David split from Sarah’s mum – his second wife – but her family still cut them out.

Sarah, who’s 41 years younger than her husband, said: “My family completely disowned me. They didn’t agree with it at all.” The mum-of-two also confessed: “I don’t fancy you. You’re old and grey and you’ve put on loads of weight.”

David met Sarah’s mum after the death of his first wife of 30 years. He revealed: “I’d been on my own for a little while and got really low and really lonely. Then I was introduced to my next wife, which happened to be your (Sarah’s) mother.”

Four years later, the couple tied the knot themselves at a registry office, but it wasn’t the family-filled day David’s second wedding had been – with Sarah being walked down the aisle by a dog.

Looking back at their big day, David laughed: “I was very, very nervous until I saw you walking down the aisle with the dog. How many people have a dog as a bridesmaid?”

Sarah added: “It was the wedding I dreamed of when I was younger. I had the perfect person to marry so it was still the perfect day, it would have been nice if more people could have come.” Now the couple are planning a vow renewal service to mark their 10th anniversary, with Sarah saying: “We’ve got a lot more friends and family so we can have another wedding, even though it’s not a wedding.”

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