Saturday, December 9, 2023

The Level Of Begging These Days Is Very Irritating – Wofai Fada Calls Out Online Beggars

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Actress Wofai Fada has called out online beggars who constantly slide into the DM’s of celebrities to beg for money. The actress in a video on her Instagram page called out the online beggars and asked them to stop begging for money on social media.
Wofai Fada Calls Out Online Beggars
Wofai Fada Calls Out Online Beggars
The actress revealed that the celebrities that they beg for money from are also on lockdown and are looking for different means to survive during this period. The funny Nollywood star appealed to the online beggars to avoid her DM as she doesn’t have any money to give to them at this time.

The actress went on to share that everywhere you turn to on social media is filled with people’s account numbers and it is a very disgracing and despicable act displayed by people across social media.

Photo Credit: Instagram
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