Monday, May 29, 2023

Withdraw Your Army From Ukraine – UN Tells Putin

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The United Nations General Assembly has overwhelmingly isolated Russia, calling for a “comprehensive, just and lasting peace” and again demanding Russia withdraw its troops and stop fighting.

But Beijing abstained on the vote – the fourth time it has done so on such action since the Russia invaded Ukraine a year ago.

Just a day earlier, China’s top diplomat visited Moscow and pledged a deeper partnership with the Kremlin.

The resolution was adopted with 141 votes in favour and 32 abstentions. Six countries joined Russia to vote no.

Joe Biden will announce new sanctions against those aiding Russia’s war effort when he meets G7 leaders and Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky virtually to mark the anniversary, the White House says.

The sanctions will include Russian banks, technology and defence sectors.

On Thursday four people were arrested after activists poured hundreds of litres of yellow and blue paint onto the road outside the Russian Embassy in London to create an enormous Ukrainian flag.

Vladimir Putin said Russia would pay “increased attention” to boosting its nuclear forces, vowing to deploy a much-delayed new intercontinental ballistic missile, rolling out hypersonic missiles and adding new nuclear submarines.

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