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My Job And I: How I Went Against My Parents Will To Become A Conductor – Bus Conductor Reveals

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The last episode of the mini-series My Job And I features Ayoola Temitope who is a bus conductor. He goes ahead to narrate how he went against the will of his parents to delve into his present job and I conductor
During the interview, he revealed how he has struggled as a conductor and how he has been able to maneuver his way around. Can we meet you? My name is Ayoola Temitope. I am the branch secretary for Ado-Sango and Lagos under the Umbrella of the Road Transport Employer Association of Nigeria. How long have you been in this field?
It’s now 20 years this year because I started in the year 2000 and this year makes it 22 years that have been driving.
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Before driving, what were you doing? Well the job I was doing before venturing into driving, I schooled in Lagos and then I was a very stubborn child,  and I liked the way they usually do in the garage. Then instead of me going home, I’ll go to the garage to help call passengers, After the close of the day I’ll be given N10 or N20. It was at that moment I decided that this is what I’ll do. What are the challenges you faced as a bus conductor then? The challenges I faced then were much. Firstly, my parents did not want me to work as a conductor because that was also my father’s occupation, and he didn’t want me to do it because it was believed that it was touts and wayward people that does the job. They didn’t want me to do it, but as a stubborn child, I still went ahead and made money from it so as to be able to buy books, pens, and other things I needed in school. There were a lot of insults while working then, for instance, if a passenger is supposed to give me N50,  they will give me N20 because they look at me as a small boy, but still, I continued working. Then some passengers will even slap me and then sit on the engine, and some will say I shouldn’t touch them with my body, but I still worked hard notwithstanding the insults and all.
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Were you happy as you were working then? Then and now I am happy because I am a person who whenever I think and decide to do something, I always succeed and never regret it. Then while in school, I was very brilliant, I could speak good English, but I just couldn’t write it down. I would be mixing capital letters with small letters, but if we’re to speak, I was very good and since then I have decided to do this work and I am happy with it. I had action and vibes for the work, if I am to tie a load at the back of the bus, I’ll tie it so that it can never fall off…..Watch the interview here;
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