“She Lacks Home Training” – Herbert Wigwe’s Daughter Berated For Not Standing To Greet VP Shettima At Her Parents’ Funeral

Controversy has surfaced on social media after Tochi Wigwe, the eldest daughter of Herbert Wigwe, received criticism on Twitter for not standing to greet Vice President, Kashim Shettima.

The incident occurred during an event organized to mourn the tragic loss of her father, the banking mogul Herbert Wigwe, her mother, and her brother in a recent helicopter crash.

The Twitter user, who identified Tochi in a photo accepting a handshake while seated, expressed disapproval of her actions, stating that she lacked proper home training.

The post drew attention by contrasting photos of former Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and businessman Aliko Dangote, who were shown standing while shaking hands with Shettima at the same event.

In the post, the user wrote: “Same Man, different regard. Whoever that girl is, she lacks proper home training. You don’t shake a person old enough to be your father while sitting down.”

The critique extended beyond the initial user, as some Twitter users from the North also joined in criticizing Tochi Wigwe’s perceived lack of respect and proper etiquette.

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However, the backlash against Tochi Wigwe has not gone unchallenged.

Many social media users rallied to her defense, pointing out that grief can manifest differently in individuals.

Some argued that the mourning daughter’s actions should not be hastily interpreted as a lack of respect.

Netizens Reactions…

@Jeshdud said; “She is grieving for heaven’s sake . No empathy. Na wa o.”

@Anonymous said; “We are Africans, we hold our moral values high. “Person wey dey cry still dey see road “. That is how we say it in African.”

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@N said; “It is lack of ethics ,courtesy to sit while. someone is shaming you. Even in corporate world it’s wrong . Even whites you copy always stand to shake hands.

@Emy said; “In this context, i wont hold it against her. Maybe, she is just there but her mind is somewhere else. Alot is going through her mind right now. No mother nor Father or even brother to console her. She is just there on by herself grieving inside. Maybe she might not even want to be there if not that the situation warrants it. Dont forget some people are introverts by nature. so they don really flow with the crowd.

@Zee said; “Guys, Pls let the girl grieve! She just lost her Dad”

@Arinze figo said; “Stand up and greet him for what? That respect kill all of you there. People talk to their God sitting, na this useless criminal we go hear word for. Go and force her to stand up na.”

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