Strictly Ladies: Why Guys Should Think Twice Before Sleeping With Waist Beads Ladies

Waist beads are common African beautification paraphernalia. It goes by many names like ileke, shanga, jigida etc. Despite the value, these beads are also used to serve other purposes.
There are women who use these beads for love charm, some for beauty but one important factor is it improves the sexiness of a woman in men eyes.

They attract men and no man leaves after sleeping with a woman who has invested this juju beads. It is alleged that successful beach hookers use the bead power.
Waist beads are enticing to their eye and men fall easily to their trap and this bead might be charmed to steal ones glory.
Some ladies wear bead under the strict direction of their spiritual husband who find it appealing but harm to any mortal who tries to sleep with her.

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