Wednesday, December 6, 2023

5 Reasons You Should Avoid Junk Food Completely

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There’s no gainsaying that junk foods are harmful to the health. Most health complications arise from intake of junk food

Junk foods come in form of fast food and fatty snacks. Consuming a lot of junk food poses serious health risks. Ultimately it could lead to high blood pressure and other serious heart problems. Out of numerous others, here are other reasons you should avoid junk food.1. They are highly addictive in nature: Junk foods are always addictive in nature. you can’t seem to stop taking them when you start. you get all sort of cravings for them and this can affect daily performance. when the craving is not satisfied, you can get depressed as they only bring momentary happiness. 2. They increase the risk of dementia: Insulin is produced in the pancreas and helps in the transportation of glucose to fuel the body. Insulin is also produced in the brain where it helps in carrying signals between nerve cells and forming memories, junk and fatty foods produce increased insulin. With higher levels of insulin, the brain stops responding to this hormone and become resistant to it. This can restrict our ability to think, recall or create memories, thus increasing the risk of dementia. 3.They interfere with learning and memory problems: Diets that are high in sugar and fat can suppress the activity of a brain peptide called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) that helps with learning and memory formation.
4. They increase the risk of diabetes and heart problems: It is a known fact that junk foods increase the fat in the body, and the residue of this can lead to obesity. junk foods are also high in sugar which leads to diabetes and other complicated heart problems.
5. Unhealthy food routine: Excess intake of junk food, leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. Your diet defines your performance for the day. Junk food only give temporary energy, with a lot of health implications. A healthy lifestyle is void of junk food. So When next you have cravings for that junk food, just opt for a fruit.
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