Why I Let My First Wife Go! – Actor Ibrahim Chatta Addresses Domestic Violence Allegations

Whenever there’s a topic on “woman beater,” Jim Iyke take the lead on big screen, while Ibrahim Chatta has the most stories on the Nigerian internet.

Nollywood actor, Ibrahim Chatta admitted he has lost many endorsement deals because the internet labelled him a wife beater, in the “age of social media,” and no one has ever come out with credible evidence. “I am aware that if one should search for my name on the internet, most reports that would pop up would be that I am a wife beater but all those things are false,” he said. “If truly I am a wife beater, how come there is no proof or evidence to support that fact? We are in the age of social media and if truly I am a wife beater, one of my alleged victims ought to have taken to their social media page to post a picture of bruises or a black eye but there is nothing like that. Does it mean that of all the women I had dated and allegedly beaten up, none of them has proof or a scar to show that those stories are true?”

Ibrahim Chatta has been married twice (presently married to Lizzy Berry) and he also has a child with a lady earlier in life. When his first marriage with Salamat Mohammed crashed, it was reported that the daughter of a former Kwara State Governor had requested divorce citing “bad attitude and domestic violence” in their marriage.

The “Igbale” actor continued: “There were so many speculations when I got married to Salamat who is the daughter of a senator. We parted ways because she admitted to me that she no longer trusted or loved me. I begged her to come back home because I was worried about what my fans and friends would think about me as I am a role model to many. My ex-wife told me that she had been acting all the while we were together as she had stopped loving me since 2012, shortly after our Nikkah. Despite that, I still begged her to come home because the way Nigerians judge when it comes to marriage, the man is always at fault. The case is normally worse for us actors because they see us as flirts. After pleading with her, I had no choice but to let go and the next thing I heard people say was that her mother came to my house and found it unfit for her daughter to stay. Chatta further said anyone that claims he is “a wife beater should present proof other than mere hearsay,” adding he always feels very bad when reading untrue stories about himself.

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