Why Do Friends Find It Difficult To Respect The Structures Of Your Business – Uche Nnaji Queries

 Fashion designer and owner of Ouch fashion brand, Uche Nnaji has taken to his social media page to share his opinion about people who find it difficult to respect the structures of their friend’s business. He wrote; ‘so a close friend takes offense because she asked that OUCH comes onboard her CHARITY initiative as a financial sponsor and I told her it’s coming late as “ WE already have a BUDGET and LIST of charities we are giving to in 2018” , but would be willing to support her in 2019 if she tells us on time and she take offense because she feels I founded the company and all decisions should start and end with me. Did I mention she wanted #100 from OUCH and I even offered #10 from my personal fund to support a friend? Still she turned it down’. He went on to say, ‘another friend calls me up that they need Jackets to Style for a photoshoot within the next 2hrs of same day and I give him a number to call the staff whose KPI covers that and that would likely be approved from the Admin office at Allen and not to just pick up from the Lekki store shelve as was some in the past , He takes offense and says I should please forget all these process jor and if I don’t want to give him the jackets I should just say. Just last week another OLD friend told me that I have to meet with her very busy boss who was having IMAGE challenges with one of his senior managers and needed SARTORIAL help, I agreed to take time out and drive to meet with her BOSS , but I told my friend that for leaving my office and going to them I take SERVICE CHARGE, my friend frowned , I still went and after the whole thing her boss actually paid me twice what she frowned at. Even infants gets to a stage where they stop running around naked, or would you be happy that your 10yrs old still crawls and act like a 1yr old? . If you really wish your friends in business well, allow and encourage their business to have STRUCTURE and when they do, try to RESPECT it or else we shall end up having business that can’t last beyond a GENERATION.’ Photo Credit: Uche Nnaji


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