“Why Didn’t You Answer Me” Lady Tackles Jesus Christ After Failed Attempt To Raise The Dead

A Twitter user has taken to his timeline to share a thread of a lady who claimed she had the powers to raise the dead, but failed and after started tackling Jesus Christ for failing her, in her bid to share the gospel at people at the Isolo General Hospital. Delusional Jesus Christ Lady

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@Mykael_Yuddy user narrated the encounter saying the lady walked up to him and said she wanted to share the gospel with him, which he turned down but in the lady’s insistence to convince him and persuade him to listen to the gospel she was sharing she boasted she could raise a dead, and so the interesting episode ensued. After which she tackled Jesus Christ for failing her read the story below;

Read his tweets below

”I really don’t know what’s wrong with religious people but the level of delusion I witnessed today is out of this world.
I was walking out of Isolo General Hospital when the lady in red approached me saying she wanted to preach the Gospel. I responded that she should take that gospel to the sick folks in the hospital who needed healing.
She insisted that she was directed by the holy spirit to preach to me, and that to prove that it was the holy Spirit who sent her, she would raise a dead body in the hospital so I would believe.
“This would be interesting” I said to myself. As we stood there, a car rolled up into the hospital carrying a dead person. She walked briskly to the car and asked if the person was dead and that people would witness the power of Jesus Christ. I looked on in utter amazement
Well, the lady who had died was stretchered out and the lady in red began screaming, and commanding her to wake up in Jesus name. This went on for at least 50 minutes. Nothing happened.
She began crying and begging the holy spirit not to forsake her and to prove that he was with her. That went on for another 35 minutes or so. Finally, she stopped and said “sorry for your loss” to a man who I think is the lady’s husband.
As she walked out of the hospital, I could hear her saying to herself, “Jesus Christ why didn’t you answer me?” It just goes to show how dangerous religious delusions are.”

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