When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going – Talented, Beautiful And Inspirational Nse Ikpe Etim Is Our WCW

There are many strong inspiring women in Nigeria and no doubt, Nigerian actress Nse Ikpe Etim is one of them. The actress was recently in the news after revealing that she had her wombs removed due to a medical condition called Adenomyosis. She had this condition that caused the inner lining of her uterus to break through the muscle wall of the uterus. With that, the remarkable actress cannot have children, and she knew about all these three years back, yet it didn’t break her, that’s the true definition of a strong woman! Born on the 21st of October 1974 in Lagos, Etim attended Awa Nursery School and Command Primary School in Kaduna. Going further, she proceeded to St Louis College, Jos and the Federal Government Colleges in Jos and Ilorin for her secondary school education. Afterward, Etim got her first degree in Theater Arts from the University of Calabar where she started acting on stages as at the age of 18. Discovering her knack for the cinema, she ventured into Nollywood with her first acting debut in Inheritance. Since then, she has starred in almost thirty movies, winning 7 different acting awards and bagging 23 different nominations. Etim is one of the refined actresses who breathes a breath of fresh air to her numerous roles. She is happily married to her childhood friend Clifford Sule who she dated for 20 years before finally tying the knot with. Photo Credit: KOKO



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