You Think You Can Do Fashion? What Went Down At The Ayo Van Elmar Fashion Brunch

Ayo Van Elmar Fashion brunch

One of Nigeria’s notable fashion designers, Ayo van Elmar gathered fashion stars at her cafe in Oriental hotel on the 15th of August to discuss fashion and what it takes to embark on a fashion journey.

Ayo whose real name is Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun had her fashion education from the University of applied arts in Vienna and since coming back to Nigeria, has been creating superb fashion magic. With the recent influx of rookie fashion designer to the Nigerian industry, Ayo Van Elmar sought to educate these designers and other fashion enthusiasts on what it takes to do fashion in the country and most especially to ask them the important question if they still do want to do fashion?

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Nigerian fashion designer, Oluwatosin Ogungadegbe aka Style Infidel was one of Ayo Van Elmar’s fashion champion who shared with us the secret to staying in the fashion industry. In his speech themed “fashion in the age of noise”, the stylist who had quite a story in the Nigerian fashion scene after he interned at several places including the arise fashion week and with style queen Latasha Ngwube shared that being “passionate is the driving force of any creative”. He opined that while knowing the nitty-gritty of fashion is important, it is the passion one has for designs that keeps the designer going. He enjoined designers to find their aesthetics and to separate themselves from the various fashion noise they may be exposed to. Next up, was Jowy Gbefwi, the Chief executive officer of Jowys consulting who shared how to manage various clients expectations and dealing with difficult clients. Jowy who got her fashion management education from European School of Milan shared that it is of importance that as designers, you understand the theme of the event your client is going for, their accurate body sizes and measurements and the important skill of suggesting styles that would do justice to their body shape. Ayo’s final fashion champion, Latasha Ngwube CEO of about that curvy life spoke lengthly on how to create cost-effective solutions and communicating your fashion need through micro-influencers. She espoused that collaborating with other designers is of importance to any designer especially an up and coming one as it helps to save cost. The fashion star also stressed the need for mentorship and internship as a rising fashion designer as she revealed that a lot would be learnt from such endeavour. In conclusion, all the speakers at the event agreed on the fact that embarking on a fashion journey is not an easy one, and as a designer, you need to have all it takes including the finance to survive in such world, else, you think of doing something else. So, do you still want to do fashion? Ayo Van Elmar Fashion brunchPhoto Credit: KOKO

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