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What My Mom, Iyabo Ojo Taught Me – Priscilla Ojo

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Priscilla Ojo, the Nigerian actress who is the daughter of movie star Iyabo Ojo, has talked about the biggest lesson she learnt from her mother.

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In an interview with media personality, Jermaine, Priscilla revealed that she has never been depressed because she comes from a lineage of strong women.

Priscilla described Iyabo as a strong woman, who she has never seen cry.

She said she learnt how to be strong from her mother.
According to Priscilla, even when she is going through something, you can never see her down as she has that strong spirit and energy.
She said: “I wouldn’t say I was depressed at any point because I feel like we came from a lineage of strong women. I am very strong, my mum is very strong. I have never seen my mum cry.

“We have never had moments when we are crying. We are very strong, my mother is very strong and I learned from her. Even when I go through something, she can never see me down. We have that spirit of… that energy of not in this house. I can be on my bed crying, once she comes in, I am dancing and she knows.

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“But that’s the thing about my mum, when I am down she knows but you wouldn’t see her come to say sorry. She will even cheer me up to go to the club”.

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