What Me And Neo Have Is Unbreakable – Vee

Vee and Neo
A few days after saying Neo cannot give her happiness outside  Big Brother’s House, Vee has come to say again that what she has with the young man is  unbreakable.
Ebuka had in her post eviction chat asked her why she went after him in the first place. “A lot of promises”, she said, adding  that he is ‘fine as hell’ and she can’t let him slide out of her hands.Neo and Vee BBNaija
“A lot of promise in Neo… They say like opposite attracts and Neo is the complete of me and that’s why I liked the fact that he is so different but I drew closer to him a lot. He’s someone that when he talks, everybody is listening, that’s one thing I loved about him, he has a very authoritative voice”, she took her explanation further.
“When I came into the I told myself I wasn’t going to get into anything but then when you meet someone like Neo you don’t wanna let someone like that slip through your hands. So, the reason why I was so forward is because I knew I would have a really really good friendship with this guy and if it became something, we’ll become something strong. I know we’re still figuring our stuffs out but what me and Neo have is unbreakable, I don’t play with that boy”, she continued.
Ebuka then asked if what then is the problem that the two of them are always having a glitch to which Vee replied she hates sharing her food as it is very irritating to her. “What was it about you guys always”. Ebuka asked. “There is thing in me and I admit it wholeheartedly. When it comes to me and food, I don’t like to share food, very irritating. I can share anything but food, that is my weak point but what does Neo like to do? Share food”, Vee said.
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When asked if there is then a possibility of Vee and Neo outside the House, Vee said, “A strong possibility. It is strong because I was so adamant that it should not be in the House because there is a bigger picture. I don’t want me and Neo to be about Big Brother’s House, I want us to have something real, something strong, something that you don’t see on TV.”BBNaija Vee
Vee says there is a strong possibility of having a thing with Neo
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