What happened To Them? 5 Artists Who Are No Where To Be found

Music is always evolving and so is every form of art. And from time to time those who seem to be ruling the game tend to change. For instance, Wizkid and Davido weren’t the top of the Nigerian music scene ten to twelve years ago but there are some artists we wish they reign would have lasted a little while longer. So here is a list of artist we miss and we have no idea where they are.
1. Rayce:

The guy that gave us ‘Roll’ and ‘Jack Sparrow’ his cool vibe and melodic sound just disappeared and with these days of monotonous sound, we sure do miss him.
2. W4:

This guy came out with a whole new sound, I mean ‘Kontrol’ took the whole country by storm, But Mr. W4 we are still waiting for more.
3. Phenom:

The ‘knight house general’ who swayed us with his rap skills and made us fall in love with his song ‘Shukushuku BamBam’ and just been silent.
4. Mo Cheddah:

She was an absolute beauty, with her tomboy swag and her energetic style, she was the rave of the moment, I hope she knows no one has taken her place in our hearts.
5. Essence:

Her voice is something we still dream of, her song facebook love was such a game changer, we would love to hear her again. Photo Credit: Getty


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