We’ll Rebrand, Restore Integrity Of Civil Service—FCSC Boss, Olaopa

In a bid to restore integrity and credibility to the civil service, the Chairman of the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC), Professor Tunji Olaopa, has vowed to undertake a comprehensive rebranding initiative.

The move, according to him, is aimed at addressing the long-standing challenges faced by the civil service and paving the way for a more efficient and transparent system.

Professor Olaopa said this while speaking to journalists after his swearing-in as the chairman, FCSC yesterday, along with eleven other senior members of the Commission, in Abuja.

The FCSC boss stressed the importance of instilling a sense of public trust and confidence in the civil service, adding that over the years, the civil service has faced severe criticism regarding corruption, inefficiency, and lack of accountability.

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He said part of the rebranding effort will revamp the recruitment and promotion processes that prioritize competence, merit, and transparency.

He said, “We will begin rebranding from very small things to begin to change the face of the commission. I have zero tolerance for the cash and carry for which the commission has been branded all around, and we need to do something drastic about that.

“This place needs to be restored to the integrity of the service. So, that’s one thing that I would do very urgently. The second thing would be to look for basic rights. I look at our basic function and do a kind of impact assessment, determine some gaps, and begin to rethink the way we are doing recruitment, promotion, and discipline, which in essence encapsulates.

“Because the reason that promotion, discipline, and appointment is not working is because it’s not linked to the larger frame of human resource management. Can we bring more credibility to the promotion? Can we remove the sense that some people can come in and buy their promotion? Can the entire career begin to see that if you merit it, you can get it without necessarily knowing anybody?”

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On his part, the permanent secretary, FCSC, Dr. Yakubu Adam Kofarmata, expressed optimism that, with the new chairman, the civil service commission would experience a new positive phase.

“We expect the chairman and the commission to bring in new ideas in tandem with the renewed hope agenda of the present administration.

“We want to see a new invigorated Federal Civil Service Commission that, in essence, will give all the campaign promises and the goodies of democracy to Nigeria and Nigerians, and I think we have set it on a good note. I could see the zeal of the chairman and the new commissioners. Likewise, the directors.”


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