Monday, September 27, 2021

WCW: Things You Don’t Know About The Ever Smiling Actress Lota Chukwu

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Actress and food blogger Lota Chukwu popularly known as ‘Kiki’ from the TV series Jenifa’s Diary, was born in Benin City, Edo state. Lota Chukwu is the last of four siblings and her love for food is amazing. She’s also a Yoga buff and creative writing happens to be one of her favourite things, as she has a blog of her own.There are few things you probably don’t know about the actress who is kind of private as she determines what part of life goes on social media. Some of which are;
1) Her full name is Ugwu Lotachukwu Jacinta Obianuju Amelia. she named herself Elixir (The drink of the gods in Ancient Greek and it’s the source of their eternal youth and beauty). She’s a big fan of mythologies.
2) She doesn’t see things from the usual or socially acceptable point of view. And the quickest way to her heart is to respect her opinion
3) Her beauty is not what makes her attractive, but some things no one has figured about her yet does.
4) She’s a Sagittarian royalty. A Sagittarius through and through. Wise like the centaur and straight like an arrow
5) She talks to herself a lot when she’s alone, which is almost all the time. Photo Credit: Lota Chukwu

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