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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

WCW: The Pace-Setting Omoni Oboli Is Our Woman Crush

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She hit the limelight over 10-years ago and has remained in our consciousness since then., Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli, since joining the entertainment industry has continued to snag achievements and awards from every corner. The actress who has a couple of movies to her credit, having produced them to starring ina . couple of blockbusters in Nollywood went one step further to show us just how amazing she is when it comes to ensuring that the civi right of the people are not tampered with. Omoni made news a few days ago when she single-handledly organised voters in the VGC area of Lagos to ensure a smooth voting process during the 2019 presidential elections held on February 23rd. Omoni was one of the few celebrities who should just how concerned they are about the country. omoni oboliThe mum of 4 who has developed a beautiful way in jugglling both her family life and career added to seeing to the smooth sailing of the elections is our woman crush for today. We at KOKO, love you Miss Omoni. Photo Credit: Omoni Oboli/KOKO TV

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