WCW: Fast And Feisty Caster Mokgadi Semenya Is Made For Gold!

When you think of world fastest sportswomen with amazing talents and a knack for their profession, Caster Mokgadi Semenya’s name would definitely pop up amongst the list, she is inspirational! Born on the 7th of January 1991 to Dorus and Jacob Semenya in Ga-Masehlong, a village in South Africa near Polokwane, Semenya grew up in the village of Fairlie deep in South Africa’s northern Limpopo province. As a child, Semenya went to live with her grandmother, Maputhi Sekgala in a nearby village. She attended Nthema Secondary School where she learnt to play soccer and also train by running from village to village. After her secondary education, she proceeded to the University of North West where she attended as she pursued a sports science degree. WCW: Fast And Feisty Caster Mokgadi Semenya Is Made For Gold! 1Semenya is not your everyday kind of athlete, she is unique, extraordinary and mindblowing! The middle distance South-African runner has bagged several laurels including 2 Olympic gold medals in the 800m women’s final. Semenya first came under the public radar at 17-year old after she won gold at the 2008 World Junior Championship in the 800m race, Semenya went on to win another gold at the 2008 Commonwealth Youth Games with a remarkable time of 2:04.23. A year later, she went on to win both the 800m and the 1500m race at the African Junior Championship with an amazing time of  1:56.72 and 4:08.01 respectively. With this, she improved her 800m personal best by seven seconds in less than nine months, best the national and championship record held by Zelda Pretorius and Zola Budd as she ended up proving that Caster’s only competition is herself! In August of that year, she won gold in the 800m at the World Championship with an amazing record of 1:55.45 in the final, once again setting the fastest time of the year. WCW: Fast And Feisty Caster Mokgadi Semenya Is Made For Gold! 2Following the stupendous achievements was the public appraisals and scrutiny, many doubts as to her gender were cast her way. The International Association of Athletic Federation was amongst those who doubted her “feminine” strength as they conducted a test proving that she is intersex, meaning she has both the X and Y chromosome. Semenya had to take treatment to reduce her testosterone after she was barred from International competitions. But like a phoenix, she rose again to win her first Olympic gold at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Four years after, she replicated this feat by clinching the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio for the women’s 800m final.WCW: Fast And Feisty Caster Mokgadi Semenya Is Made For Gold! 3 That same year in April, she went on to win three of the 400m, 800m and 1500m titles at the South African National Championships, the first athlete to achieve the feat. In 2017, she won gold and bronze at the women’s 800m and 1500m events respectively. On and off-field, Caster is a star! In 2018, she graduated with a Diploma in Sports Science from the North West University. Caster is currently married to her longtime cross-country runner partner Violet Ledile Raseboya. WCW: Fast And Feisty Caster Mokgadi Semenya Is Made For Gold! 4Photo Credit: Getty


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