#WalkAgainstRacism: Mauricio Pochettino Reveals What Will Happen If Any Spurs Player Is Racially Abused

Mauricio Pochettino says he is prepared to call his Tottenham players off the pitch during a match if there is racial abuse being directed towards them. Tottenham defender Danny Rose was the subject of racist abuse during England’s 5-1 over Montenegro this week. England reported the incident after Rose informed staff of chants from the crowd and UEFA is investigating, with European football’s governing body calling the events a “disaster”. Pochettino says there is “nothing more important” than stopping such abuse in sport and society and insists he is willing to haul his players off in protest during a match if necessary. “If I feel the abuse and I hear them – out,” he said. “Yes, we stop. Nothing is more important than stopping that. Again, we can win or lose three points, I don’t know.  “We cannot be hypocrites with that. There is nothing more important in life than to protect the values and principles no one can abuse. No one deserves to be abused. “When this type of situation happens football is not important. If that happens and I am conscious about the fact, I will be the first to say ‘stop, we are not going to play, come on inside’. Football is not the most important, you cannot treat someone [like this].” Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri have both called on authorities to introduce a rule allowing players to leave the pitch if they are subjected to racist abuse. Pochettino also highlighted the importance of showing solidarity with victims following the aftermath of the initial incidents.

“I sent a text to him [Rose],” he added. “The most important thing is that he knows we support him. When we talk here it will be private. “You can talk a lot, you can do many things but they have to feel the people are with them, or not. If you care or not. “I came from South America, sometimes in Europe when you are from South America some people don’t like you. “It’s different, it is very sensitive. I hate this kind of behaviour. I want to show support not only for Danny, but for England and every other country, every type of people.”We hate this kind of situation, we are going to do all that we have in our hands to try to stop it. Today it happened with him, tomorrow with another. It’s going to happen with my kids, my friends.” The Tottenham boss refused to comment on the specific punishments clubs should face. When asked if teams should be banned from competitions for the behaviour of their fans, he replied: “This is not in my hands.” Photo Credit: Getty


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