Voting For Atiku Is Voting Favor Of The Middle Belt Forum – Pogu Bitrus

Dr Poju Bitrus, the president of the Middle Belt Forum has advised that people in the region vote for Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party. Bitrus made this known at a recent press conference in Abuja. In his words: “One major consideration for us in this election is the security of lives and properties of the peoples of the Middle Belt region. “It is no secret that in the close to four years of the Buhari-led administration, the entire Middle Belt was turned into a vast killing field. “According to Amnesty International, within the first four months of the year 2018, 801 persons were murdered in the Middle Belt alone.“The primary responsibility of government as enshrined in Section 14 (2) of the Nigerian Constitution, 1999 (as amended) is the protection of lives and property.“The Buhari-led administration has failed woefully in that duty and endangered the entire Middle Belt region. We, therefore, have no hesitation in rejecting him as a candidate deserving of our support in the forthcoming presidential elections.” Photo Credit: Getty


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