Victoria Kimani Rants About Nigerians Supporting Her Than Kenyans

Victoria Kimani has recently voiced out that Kenyans don’t support her like Nigerians do. According to the Kenyan singer, she receives lots of love from Nigerians than from Kenyans, and she isn’t pleased with it.

According to reports, she stated in  a chat that she is thankful for the love and support Nigerians show her, also added that it has boosted her success in the music industry.

Victoria said she remembered when she did a tour around Kenya, locals didn’t really know her. She went further to explain how DJs and radio presenters in Kenya hate her, and because of that they never promoted her music.


Miss Kimani spends most of her time in Nigeria and in the US, so it is understandable why the Kenyans don’t reverence her much. It’s obvious that she’s more popular in Nigeria than in Kenya.

With this clear evidence, Victoria Kimani still insisted that there’s no excuse for Kenyans not supporting her or promoting her music; her words:

“I met a Nigerian DJ who used to play my music in the African clubs in Atlanta. Back then I used to beg Fully Focus to support me and play my tracks….but the Nigerian DJ is the guy who supported. He told me ‘Vee, you have a beautiful voice, do a remix to Ice Prince song Oleku…’. I did just that ….And Killed it…. He sent it to thousands of blogs and BOOM…… 8 MONTHS after that, I get a tweet from Chocolate City In Nigeria.

They SAID they wanted to open a branch in Kenya…. And hired Angela Angwenyi ( who hated me from jump…..not sure why ?) Altho she was at Radio, ehhh she didnt really pump my shit…. For some reason I couldn’t get gigs, ( banned from blankets…..not sure why)  even tho Mtoto, Oya, Whoa ft prezzo & AY, Prokoto ft Diamond and Ommy Dimpoz was the littest thing poppin at the time….”

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