These Days It’s An Embarrassment Being Called An Actress – Victoria Inyama

Nigerian veteran actress, Victoria Inyama, has revealed in a new interview with Saturday Beats, what if feels like to be called an actress these days. According to the screen diva, being called an actress these days is very embarrassing.
 Victoria Inyama
In her words, “The truth is, these days it is an embarrassment being called an actress. You want to be called something else because there is no respect for that name anymore. Sometimes, I can’t wait to qualify as a psychologist so that when you think of Victoria Inyama, it will be in another light. Those in the industry now are doing a lot of things that shouldn’t be done in 2018. It is not just one particular thing that they should stop doing; from the picture, story line, artistes and costumes, some of them are just weird and out of place. Once I see certain names in the production, I don’t even bother.”

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