Sunday, October 17, 2021

Victim Recounts How He Escaped From Kidnap Kingpin Evans Just Before He Was Killed

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A wealthy owner of one of the most flourishing pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria with outlets in major cities of the world was forced to pass through the eye of a needle after being abducted near his office on February 14, 2017.At the end of the 90-day gruelling and shocking experience in the hands of his kidnappers led by the arrested notorious kidnap kingpin, Chukwudubem Omwuamadike a.k.a Evans, he miraculously escaped from their hideout. In his first interview since his freedom, the victim who would rather remain anonymous gave an account of his ordeal. Read excerpts below.On the day he was kidnapped
On the 14th February, 2017, at about 7:30pm, while I was going home from my office at Ilupeju, I suddenly saw an SUV opposite me. I wanted to reverse but somebody in the front came down with a long gun and dragged me out from my car. He pushed me inside the SUV. Immediately they moved away from the street, they transferred me to the back of the SUV and covered me with a car mat while one of them sat on top of me. They drove me to an unknown place but before we got there, the one at the back with me now put iron (chain) on my hands.On the hideout
When we got there, they asked me to come down but remain faced down, which I did. The house was a bungalow with a parlour……they blindfolded me, then pushed me into one dark room. It was a self-contained room with bathroom and toilet inside….Whenever their boss called them, they would put on one small radio so that neighbours would not hear whatever they were discussing….The boss said my bill was two million dollars….but after much pleading, he reduced it to one million dollar. But after two days, he said, he has gotten more information about me and it’s no more dollars again, it’s one million Euros.On his escape
It was on Friday night that my miracle happened. Way back, for the 90 days period of my captivity, I was trying to remove that iron from my leg without success, but that night around 2:00 am to 3:00 am, something asked me to get up and I got up and prayed. After that, the voice said to me that I should try opening that padlock which I did. I squeezed small size of the bed spread and passed it through the padlock and pulled it with little effort once, and the padlock opened. It was God that opened this padlock, because I know that it wasn’t my personal power. That God will lead me out. Luckily, the wooden door that leads outside was not locked…..I saw their gate, I turned the other side and I saw something like ladder resting on the fence. Their fence had broken bottles on top of it but at that point where the ladder was, the broken bottles were not there. That was where I climbed the fence, stepped my foot and jumped to the other compound.Photo Credit: Getty

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