Very Cool! Jason Derulo Performs On Balcony For Fans After Prague Gig Is Cancelled

American singer Jason Derulo delighted fans with a performance from a balcony’s venue after a show was cancelled due to safety concerns at the venue.The 29-year-old singer had been scheduled to play at the Tipsport Arena in Prague on Friday night but issues led to the gig being axed. However, the platinum-selling musician refused to let this stop him performing to the crowds which had queued outside. In a video, posted on his Instagram on Friday, he documented his actions after being told the concert was called off. Speaking in the footage, he said: “They been out there all day long. I’mma go outside. Get me like a megaphone or like a microphone or something.” A caption to the video continues: “Even though he rescheduled his show for another date Jason didn’t want to leave his fans empty handed…So he went out and performed from the balcony of the arena.” This was followed by footage of the singer sat on the balcony, with a huge crowd outside, waving smartphone lights in the area as they scream with ecstasy and sing along.Derulo wrote on Instagram: “The venue was declared unsafe last night so I performed outside on the balcony. Tho we’ll reschedule a proper date I couldn’t leave my family empty handed. The love and fellowship we shared last night will be forever tattooed on my heart.” Fans swarmed to social media to show their appreciation for the star’s “love and dedication”. One wrote: “Ohhh my God!!!So BEAUTIFUL. Today was sad for me but your immense heart made me happy…THANK YOU.” Another added: “We all know it’s not your fault, and we are waiting for new date can’t wait to see you again! It was so kind of you that you came out and sang for us.” Some people stating they were not fans of his music even commented, stating the act was “very cool”. Derulo has sold more than 30 million singles worldwide and is famed for tracks such as “Watcha Say” and “Wiggle”.Photo Credit: Getty

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