BBNaija: Vee Speaks On Rift With Lilo, Erica, And Regrets In The House

Vee has opened up on a lot of things which happened in her journey through the Big Brother Naija’s House but describes all as lesson and not an iotas of regrets.
From being icy and always speaking her mind to Neo and the rifts with other Housemates, Vee is of the opinion that she is who she is and she just was herself.Vee
Speaking to Ebuka on Monday in the post-eviction chat, Vee noted that Lilo not saying hi to her at the last Saturday party was because she nominated her for eviction, but she is willing to apologize to Tolanbaj for all she said about the issue of stealing her man which they both had in the House. “Tolanibaj, that one is difficult because the tension is there, I’ve seen it. I feel something has been misconstrued, there is a miscommunication but it is my fault and the miscommunication came from me. I will make the first move but I don’t know if she will be willing to listen to me but I know it is my fault and I was wrong”, she said.
On her rift with Erica, Vee said, “My issue with Erica is because I took sides. I tried to put myself in Erica’s shoes a lot but I did not get it. I know Laycon is her friend and when she did her romance in front of his face, he felt like he wanted to die because he was trying to figure it out and I had to deal with his feelings. Erica said everyone in the house was making her feel like a devil but I did not see her that way. Me and Erica’s issue is not beef, how she left was unfortunate but it was just a misunderstanding.”
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When asked if she has any regrets for all the things done and said in the House, Vee said, “I don’t have regrets, I have lessons learnt. I feel like I need to think before I talk. I need to put myself in people’s shoes. In the house I sometimes forget that there are cameras and I just say my mind because they are my people. I forget that even if the person you spoke about forgives you, the people that support that person might not forgive you. The show was real for me and if you come to me and say you don’t like what I said about you, I will apologize but now I know there are millions of people to apologize to”, she said.On her plans going forward, the singer noted that many think she will be exploring all the things that come her way. “I feel like with everything I have learnt in the Big Brother’s House and all the stuffs I’ve done, the extra gifts that you have received in the terms of  personality and talents, music cannot be the only thing I branch into because I like to act. I don’t know where that came from, I guess it’s there now. If I go out into the world to say I want to be a singer and people say I should be an actress, who am I but a mere mortal to say NO? So let’s explore but music will always be the foundation of life”
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