Vector And M.I Settle Beef, Look Forward To A Collaboration

Plot Thickens! See Vector's Request Before He Drops His Reply To MI
Rappers Vector and M.I are one of the top trends for the afternoon, all thanks to the settlement of the rift between them.
The duo have been in the news for quite sometime now, dissing, subbing and yabbing one another. Having a face to face conversation on Hennessy Nigeria’s ‘The Conversation Part III’, Vector bared his mind, noting that the duo of them are still the voices of the people.
“I like the fact that we’ve had this conversation face time value, so I can look at your spirit and say at least when you said this, this is how I  felt about what you said and we can move on from there because at the end of the day bros, finally finally, we still be the voice of plenty people and Nigeria dey scatter everyday”, the Viper said.
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When asked if this settlement can birth a collaboration, Vector said, “If the energy is pure then there is no way you are not seeing a collaboration happening. I feel we have a stronger voice together about situations that we many be able to change in our society, in our immediate reality. I don’t have time to be forming foe something that I want to happen. I’d like to see how strong our voices can become in determining good things in Nigeria.” See full video below:#LoveWithMiAbaga
Tha Viper
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