US Drone Crashes Over Black Sea After Colliding With ‘Reckless’ Russian Fighter Jet


A Russian aircraft has collided with a US unmanned aircraft in international airspace over the Black Sea, causing it to crash.

daniel regha and joe bidenTwo Su-27 planes had attempted to intercept the US drone – named MQ-9 – by dumping fuel in front of it several times before the collision.

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A statement from US European command described the Russian manoeuvres as reckless, unprofessional and environmentally unsound.

The drone was on a routine flight in accordance with international laws to bolster collective European defence and security, it said.

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This is the latest in a series of dangerous Russian piloting, the statement said, which could lead to “unintended escalation”.

Egils Levits (President, Republic of Latvia); NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg; Gitanas Nauseda (President, Republic of Lithuania); Joe Biden (President of the United States of America); Andrzej Duda (President, Republic of Poland) and Zoran Milanovic (President, Croatia)

Photo Credit: Getty

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