US Approves First Federal Execution In 17 Years

The US today approved its first federal execution in 17 years for Lee, a one-time white supremacist was convicted in Arkansas of the 1996 killings of gun dealer William Mueller, his wife, Nancy, and her 8-year-old daughter, Sarah Powell, dumping their bodies in a lake.

Several executions were initially delayed when a judge ruled on Monday that there were still unresolved legal challenges. But the Supreme Court cleared the way for the resumption of the federal death penalty in an unsigned order released, wiping away a lower court order temporarily blocking the execution of Lee in a 5-4 vote as 5 conservative judges voted in favour while four voted against the execution.US EXECUTIONThe supreme court in an unsigned opinion said that the prisoners’ executions may proceed as planned,with Lee’s execution scheduled for about 4 a.m. EDT Tuesday, according to court papers. He will be executed via a lethal execution.
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