Incredible! 20 Years Unwashed Gym Sweater Sells For $53,532 At Auction!

Princess Diana's sweater auctions for over $500,000 dollars
A gym sweater once owned by deceased royal Princess of Wales, Princess Diana has just been sold for $53,532 dollars at auction by South African born personal trainer, Jenni Rivett, in a bid to help a family from Malawi.

Jenni who worked as Princess Di’s personal trainer for 8years till her death was given the knitted top which belonged to the royale as a gift when she died. Although the Princess had a wide range of amazing sweaters, her Virgin Atlantic jersey is one of the most recognisable as she wore it for workouts often.

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According to Jenni, the Princess wore it often so as to hinder photographers from taking pictures of her. “The princess always used to wear that same shirt as a way of hindering the paparazzi from taking photos of her coming out of the gym every day. She felt there were more important things going on in the world to worry about”, he said.

After keeping her client’s gift which has remained unwashed for over 20years, Jenni decided to auction it in a bid to help a family from Malawi, according to reports. The piece of clothing eventually turned out to serve purpose, as it generated a lot of money for her.

Princess Diana's sweater auctions for over $500,000 dollars
Princess Diana in her sweater. Photo Credit: the independent
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