Unbelievable! Man Admits He Has NOT Cleaned His Penis In 24 Years

British reality TV show The Sex Clinic has horrified many viewers after a man admitted he hasn’t cleaned his manhood properly in 24 years. People shared their disgust on Twitter after patient Zach entered the clinic complaining of a nasty smell coming from his penis – which is known as ‘Smegma’.He spoke to Dr Naomi about his “penis problem” and said he’d been having issues retracting his foreskin, as well as having pain and irritation at the tip. He even revealed the pain had been bothering him for nine months and told her he had previously “had the clap” and “caught Gonorrhea from some lass too”. As Dr Naomi got to work on his private parts, Zach squirmed and said: “Ooooh. That doesn’t hurt but it’s unfamiliar.”Zach admitted having caught a number of sexually transmitted diseases was “quite upsetting”. Dr Naomi advised Zach to concentrate on cleaning the foreskin and give it a good scrub with a soap substitute. But Zach, who is 24 years old, told her: “I’ve never cleaned my foreskin before.” People online were appalled by his confession, as one put it: “Where on earth do they find these people to go on this sex clinic?! “If you can’t wash your own bits then you are just looking for trouble” Another said: “I am genuinely shocked at how little these people know about sexual health!”Photo Credit: Getty


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