Saturday, January 28, 2023

Ukrainian Soldiers Recapture Husarivka And Trostianets From Russia As Putin’s War Machine Stalls

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Ukrainian soldiers have recaptured one of the first towns to fall to the Russian invaders.

News that the heroes have reclaimed Trostianets is a heartening sign tinpot despot Putin’s sick war is collapsing.

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Local reports suggest tanks, lorries and howitzers have been seized in the area, which lies 14 miles from the Russian border.

Russia’s defeat is a significant victory, defence sources say – as it opens a route to the besieged city of Sumy.

But the retreating troops have left behind scenes of utter devastation. Officials in Ukraine accused the soldiers of leaving landmines in the local hospital.

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Taras Savchenko, first deputy head of Sumy province, said: “We saw huge destruction.

“We saw dozens of vehicles burnt down, both civilian and military. There’s a complete lack of any communications, power and water.”

It’s claimed Russian units are retiring temporarily to Belarus to recover after suffering heavy losses.

Meanwhile, it’s also understood Ukraine has won back Husarivka.

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However, there is evidence Russia is using aerial bombardments to make up for their stalled sieges amid fears the battle is becoming a deadly stalemate.

Lviv, which is just 40 miles from the Polish border, was hit by four Russian rockets this weekend.Photo Credit: Getty

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