Ukraine Shoots Down Four Russian Helicopters In 18 Minutes

Four Russian helicopters have been shot down by Ukraine’s forces in just 18 minutes on Wednesday in the south of the country, officials have said.

The country’s general staff said the helicopters, believed to be two-seat Soviet era Ka-52s, were attacked by missiles between 8 .40am and 8 .58am local time.

The official page of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine tweeted: “Productive morning, Ukrainian style. “Today, in just 18 minutes, service members of #UAarmy shot down 4 Russian helicopters that were spoiling beautiful autumn skies in the south of Ukraine. No place for Alligators here. The local climate is hostile towards them.”

Ukraine’s Air Force said on Telegram that the aircrafts were likely “providing fire support to the ground occupation troops in the southern direction.”

The claims were partially confirmed by pro-Russian sources on the Telegram messaging app.

The post also said that there is a high probability that the toll of confirmed downed helicopters could increase.

According to the Ukrainian military’s estimates, Kyiv’s forces have destroyed around 235 enemy helicopters and 268 aeroplanes since the war broke out in February.

The news came as Britain’s Ministry of Defence announced it would supply air-to-air missiles to help Ukraine defend itself against Russian cruise missiles.

Ben Wallace , the UK defence secretary, said: “ Russia ’s latest indiscriminate strikes on civilian areas in Ukraine warrant further support to those seeking to defend their nation.

“So today I have authorised the supply of Amraam anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine. These weapons will help Ukraine defend its skies from attacks and strengthen its overall missile defence alongside the US Nasams.”

The first arrival of four Iris-T defence systems from Germany also came this week, as well as an “expedited” delivery of the advanced surface-to-air missile systems from the US.

Ukraine’s defence minister, Oleksiy Reznikov tweeted: “A new era of air defence has begun in Ukraine. Iris-Ts from Germany are already here. Nasams are coming. This is only the beginning. And we need more.”

The influx of weaponry from western nations came in the wake of intense missile firing on cities across Ukraine on Monday.

Russian President Putin launched a missile and drone barrage in some of the most brutal attacks since the start of the war.

Out of 83 Russian (and Iranian imported) missiles fired, 45 were shot down but if Ukraine had more air defence systems then the 15 or so deaths may have been prevented.

At least seven people died yesterday when Russia shelled a market in the town of Avdiivka, in Donetsk, officials said. “There is no military logic to such shelling,” Pavlo Kyrylenko, the regional governor, said.

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