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Monday, May 27, 2024

Ukraine: NATO Races To Ramp Up Logistics Against Russian’s Offensive Strike

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Ukraine’s allies are in a race against time to produce enough ammunition, fuel, and spare parts to thwart an offensive by Russian forces that NATO’s chief says is already under way.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has again urged allies of the nation to ramp up their military support. Asked Monday when he expects Russia’s so-called spring offensive to begin, Stoltenberg said “the reality is that we have seen the start already”.

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“For me, this just highlights the importance of timing. It’s urgent to provide Ukraine with more weapons,”

Stoltenberg said NATO sees “no sign whatsoever that [Russian] President [Vladimir] Putin is preparing for peace”, and arming Ukraine more quickly could save lives by bringing a quicker end to the conflict.

“It is clear that we are in a race of logistics. Key capabilities like ammunition, fuel, and spare parts must reach Ukraine before Russia can seize the initiative on the battlefield. Speed will save lives,”

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NATO members and Ukraine’s other allies are meeting at the alliance’s headquarters on Tuesday to drum up more weapons and ammunition for the war-torn country.

On Wednesday they will discuss NATO’s defenses on its eastern flank, close to Russia. Moves to beef up military budgets are also on the agenda.

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