Queen T Dragged Her Sha!!!! Twitter Users React To Tiwa Savage And Seyi Shay’s Feud

Twitter users have taken to social media to react to the feud between singers Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay which took place today. The singers earlier today fought dirty at a Salon in Lekki Lagos and the video was eventually shared on social media.

Tiwa Savage And Seyi ShayThe clip which has now gone viral saw the two women call each other nasty names and threaten to reveal dirty secrets as well. The drama allegedly started when Seyi walked up to the African Bad girl in the salon to say hello but she rejected the greeting asking her not to bring her dirty and disgusting spirit to her. Seyi replied to the statement and said Tiwa shouldn’t play dumb with her as she knows a lot of details about her.

Twitter users have taken to social media to react to the clip with many hailing Tiwa for putting Seyi in her place. According to Tweeps, Seyi has constantly trolled the African Bad Girl and today she was served a dose of her medicine. Many also slammed Seyi Shay calling her names and dragging her through the mud.
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