Twitter Ban: Adamu Garba Offers App To Trump

Adamu Garba and Donald Trump
Nigerian businessman and former Presidential aspirant Adamu Garba has asked embattled President Donald Trump to come over to his own app following Twitter suspension.
Recall that Twitter had banned the outgoing United States President for his statement which was said to have intrigued the attack launched on Capitol Building shortly after 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday.
Reacting to the ban, Adamu Garba accused Twitter of being against freedom of speech, saying Trump’s situation is what happens to anyone who doesn’t believe in the beliefs of “You see what happened Trump? A whole President suspended like a common criminal from platform companies just because they disagree with him? You celebrate abi?”
“That’s what’s gonna happen to anyone who won’t believe in their beliefs To escape, build your profile on Crowwe now! Eventually, if you don’t believe in LGBT, feminism, wars, etc, they will come for you & shut you out of the door. Those of us that believe in religion have a lot to suffer from this. Remember it was foretold in the holy books, remember?”, he wrote.Selling his app to the President, Adamu Garba added that he is ready to welcome Donald Trump with red carpet honour. “Help me notify Trump that Crowwe will welcome him with red carpets. Right through the Atlantic to the shores of Nigeria. We are cultured and generous, we respect our elders and we value our leaders. We are not arrogant or confrontational. We love life. We live and let’s live”, he wrote.
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Making promises in another tweet, he said Donald Trump “will have a premium 7 star user accounts. Dear guys, help me invite Trump to join. We will give him opportunity to say his mind and tell his audience whatever he wishes. Crowwe is a symbol of freedom of speech.”
Adamu Garba and Donald Trump
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