Twitter And TikTok Set For A Merger To Take On Facebook

Twitter is in preliminary talks with the owners of TikTok for a possible merger, according to the Wall Street Journal reports, the US President Donald Trump has called for the ban of the app saying it is a threat to national security.Twitter and TikTok

Donald Trump declared on Thursday that the increasingly popular Chinese video app TikTok and social network app WeChat “a threat to the country’s national security, foreign policy and economy of the United States”.

Trump in his bid to shut down TikTok gave an executive order giving American firms 45 days to doing business with the platforms, effectively setting a deadline for the sale of the platform in America by its Chinese parent firm ByteDance. He has also demanded that a significant portion of the sale go to the US Treasury.

Microsoft has been the primary suitor for TikTok, saying it was in talks to buy the company’s US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand operations. The Financial Times reported Thursday that Microsoft has expanded negotiations and was now after the app’s entire global operations.

As a smaller company, Twitter would have a long-shot bid for TikTok, but the social media platform believes it would come under less antitrust scrutiny than larger corporations such as Microsoft, the WSJ said, citing people familiar with the talks.

Twitter, however, would likely need the support of other investors to complete the combination. While Twitter does allow for the sharing of videos, most posts contain short text messages and photos or GIFs. In 2012 Twitter acquired the platform Vine, which allowed users to share short videos, but shut down the service in 2016.

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