True Fulfillment Does Not Come From Marriage, Success Or Kids – Toke Makinwa

Media personality Toke Makinwa has spoken on the constant search for true fulfillment by a lot of people. The OAP in an Instagram post shared that people constantly search for true fulfillment in the wrong places forgetting that true fulfillment only comes from God.

Toke shared that true fulfillment does not come from success in your career, kids, or even marriage. She mentioned that all these things are beautiful and important but they never truly make a person happy.  She shared that one could have all these things but feel really empty inside. The media girl encouraged people to know God and know peace.
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Toke recently shared on Twitter that she ended a relationship with a man over his personal hygiene. She shared that she couldn’t stand his hygiene because it was a total zero. This tweet sparked up a lot of reaction on social media.
Toke Makinwa
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