Trending! 5 Wedding Dresses That Would Be Perfect For Linda Ikeji’s Iconic Body


We so excited about the trending news of Linda Ikeji’s engagement that we’ve started planning her wedding; the actually part where we come in is giving her 5 wedding dresses inspiration. These bridals have been selected from the best wedding dress designers globally. Just scroll!

Linda Ikeji’s owns this graceful body that can be described as the pear shaped body. A pear shaped body has round shoulders, well defined waistline, broad hips and thighs. The major body feature to accentuate is her waistline because it is well defined; also more details should be on the upper part of the body.
1.The first dress that suits Linda Ikeji’s jaw-dropping body is this beautiful embellished dress by AprilByKunbi. With so much detailing at the top and because Linda is an icon, we pick this dress for her.

2.This second dress by Mai Atafo is what we call ‘Saintly’. Very simple, yet detailed with lace and tulle. We love it for Linda!

3. This dress is one of Amanda Novias 2018 collection; stoned and embellished with beads at the upper part of the body.

4. We’re in love with this Milla Nova dress. Simple, clean and effortless.

5. With an A line as the bottom part, this off-shoulder dress with detachable train from Saiid Kobiesy dress is everything.

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