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Travels: 10 Museums To Visit In Nigeria

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When you need a break from the regular restaurants, cinemas, parks and the likes. A museum is your best bet.

If Nigeria happens to be your latest destination temporary or permanently. Today KOKO TV brings you ten museums to visit in Nigeria.

1. Benin City National Museum

This atheneum is home to a large number of Nigeria’s terracotta, bronze, and cast iron artefacts. In the 1940s, what was then the museum was privately located in the Oba’s Palace. It was relocated in the 1970s and became a public center. The museum holds three galleries.

2. Jos Museum

This Jos Museum is the second gallery to be established in Nigeria after the Esie Museum, and was in fact originally the country’s national museum. Built in 1952 and located within the city’s hill resort, it is notable for its architectural arrangements and rich collection of exquisitely crafted pottery and ancient Nok terracotta sculptures.

3. Nigerian National Museum

Located at Awolowo Road, Onikan, Lagos houses some notable collections of the country’s sculptures, arts, and ethnographic and archaeological displays. You will also find some historical statues and carvings and monuments here. This gallery was founded in 1957 and it opens daily from 6:00 am – 6:00 pm.READ ALSO: Travel: 7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Rwanda Before You Die

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4. National War Museum

Located in Umuahia established in 1985. The gallery houses some extraordinary relics of modern and traditional warfare which are quite significant to the history of Nigeria. It is called a war gallery because it has on display many of the tools and crafts that were used during the Nigerian Civil War. You will find here the Ojukwu bunker, relics of Enugu Coal Miner Riots and Aba Women Riot and the famous local bombs called Ogbunigwe amongst many other things.

5. Kaduna National Museum

One interesting thing about this museum is its live craft feature, which allows visitors to watch local craftspeople and artisans working in real time. Crafts, archaeology, and ethnography are central to the museum’s existence. It was established in 1975 and also contains artefacts from the Nok and Igbo-Ukwu cultures.

6. Esie Museum

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Located in Igbomina town of Kwara state, this museum was the first to be established in Nigeria. It was opened in 1945 and the statues in this museum were discovered in 1775 and are reputed to be the largest collection of soapstone images in the world. In modern times the Esie museum has been the core of religious activities in Kwara and hosts a festival in the month of April every year. This museum was founded by a then-renowned hunter called Baragbon.

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7. Badagry Heritage Museum

The most distinct feature of this museum is that it preserves relics and has reliable documentation of events from the Transatlantic Slave Trade era. The one-story building built in 1863 houses eight galleries, all of which are named after the main periods of the slave era and form an interesting timeline for visitors.READ ALSO: Travel: 15 Places To Spend Your Next Staycation In Nigeria

8. Kanta Museum

Kanta Museum is an atheneum in Argungu, Kebbi State Nigeria, adjacent to the main market. Built in 1831, the building was named after Muhammed Kanta, who founded the Kebbi Kingdom in 1515.  The museum contains artefacts which offer great insight into the tumultuous history of Kebbi State. Kanta is divided into 11 compartments which boast a notable collection of weapons like charms, spears, swords local guns, wood, stones, bows and arrows among others.

9. Oron Museum

Oron Museum is home to some of the oldest wood carvings in the continent (known as “Ekpu”) as well as relics from the Nigerian Civil War, including Ojukwu’s bunker. It was initially established from 1958-59 but was lost to pillaging during the war. It was revived in 1975 and currently exhibits recovered wooden figurines, the cultural heritage of the local people, as well as other rare craftwork and ethnographic materials.Museums

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10. National Museum of Colonial History

This notable gallery house is located on Ikot Ekpene Road, Aba, Abia State and was opened in 1985. The building, which is also a national monument, was brought in the 1890s to serve as a trade station. The exhibit house collects works relating to the colonial period in Nigeria and the country’s path to nationhood. You will find items like old Nigerian money and relics of the slave trade era. 

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