Travel: 10 Essentials You Don’t Want To Forget For Your Next Staycation

Having a year ruled by a global pandemic is not an experience to recover from in a hurry, even with a travel experience. At some point, it became depressing with the lockdown, lose of job, low income or profit from business and the economic instability. Everything was just not okay.


People started thinking of an escape for when all is okay. Where would i go to to ease off and just get out of this mental stress? I need to travel, i need to go breathe some fresh air, i just need a quiet, serene and safe place.

With the pandemic still raging in some places in the world, a vacation might not be a good idea for everyone, as safety is the paramount thing.

However, staycation isn’t a bad idea. It still has all the good stuff in it but it’s just within your local country. Sounds great too right?

Anyways, to make your staycation more comfy and relaxing, here are essentials you should take with you.

    1. Comfortable shoes: Half the time, you will be chilling and doing fun stuff and visiting fun places too. So what you need are comfortable shoes like slippers, slip ons, loafers, sandals and any foot wear you deem comfortable for you.
    2. Day-to-night wears: Except you have an official thing planned for during your staycation, all you need are lounge wears, free dresses, joggers, t-shirts, play suits and of course swimsuits if you would like to dive into the pool for some coolness. 
    3. Night candles or Fragrance mist: As much as you are out, having a feel of your home is still achievable. And just for some warmness and really nice atmosphere within your space, scented candles or fragrance mist should be in your travel bag. Some hotels might not allow candles for safety reason though, but can use your fragrance mist.
    4. Bath salt: It is not a staycation until you get yourself soaked in the bath. The freshness and relaxation that comes with this is so soothing to the body and mind. If you must forget anything, don’t forget a bath salt.

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  1. Reading materials or any of your fun stuff: The staycation is for you to have fun, so if you read for fun, then don’t forget to take reading materials along with you. If you love games, take them along, just take something that helps you relax and have fun at the same time. It is a good thing that most hotels and resorts have Television screens in their rooms now, makes it a lot easier.
  2. Sling bags/waist pouch: These are easy to carry bags that can help you hold some stuff whenever you’re out to have fun. This is for you to have your per second and per minute essentials altogether and easy to reach.
  3. Sunglasses: As hair is to the head, so is beautiful sight to staycation. You need your sunglasses to shield your eyes from sunlight.
  4. Device chargers: Whatever device you want to take along with you is dependent on you. Be it phones, cameras, laptops, Ipads and what have you. Ensure you take along their chargers.
  5. Toiletries: You need basic toiletries for your daily up keep and care. Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, deodorant, soap, hair care products, skin care products, medications, first aid ointment, hand and surface sanitizer, insect repellent, sunscreen, hairbrush, makeup essentials and any other things you deem necessary.
  6. Travel bag: It is the last item mentioned but definitely the first item you need. Going for a pretty small travel bag will prevent you from packing too much and leave you to pack only essentials for your staycation.

How much of each item you pack is dependent on how long your staycation is. In addition to these, go with a free spirit to enjoy your stay, have fun and ease off.

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