Travel In Style: See Inside The World’s $100m First ‘Convertible’ Private Jet

Flying in a private jet might be considered the highest height of luxury travel. However this assumption is been re-defined with the recently unveiled ACJ319neo Infinito private jet by Airbus and supercar brand Pagani.Did you ask what makes the ACJ319neo Infinito special? Really? Okay, sit and let us blow your mindWhile the most extravagant of private jets might already feature double beds, shower rooms and multimedia centres, the newly unveiled ACJ319neo Infinito jet is debutting a feature that will impress even the most jaded oligarch. What feature you ask again? Sit nicely for the answer! When in flight, the newly unveiled ACJ319neo Infinito jet allow passengers who look overhead have an unimpeded view of the sky above.Instead of a transparent roof that lets passengers look up at the sky, this $100 million private jet features live projections of the surrounding environment on the ceiling of the cabin, and that’s only one of a plethora of luxury amenities.In addition to live views of the surrounding skyscape and colourful sunsets, the Infinito ceiling can be converted to project images of a starry night sky, allowing passengers to sleep under the stars without risking a loss of cabin pressure. Interactive maps and other content can also be projected onto the ceiling using the Infinito technology.The plane’s “virtual sky” is joined by a cinema room for home theater-like film viewing, a dining area, bar, and a spacious double bedroom. Almost everything inside is decked out in cream and tan leather, inspired by luxury sports car interiors. How much is the ACJ319neo Infinito jet likely to cost you? Very simple my friend – $100million!Photo Credit: Airbus/Pagani

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