Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Travel: The Scenic And Beautiful Rodrigues Island

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Still on our quest to bring you all lovely island locations in Africa, today we present the astonishingly beautiful Rodrigues Island. Rodrigues is a delightful remote little holiday island 650 km east of Mauritius in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Measuring only 18 km in length and 8 km at its widest point Rodrigues is entirely surrounded by coral reefs offering world-class diving and snorkeling. Rodrigues Island, named after the Portuguese explorer Diogo Rodrigues, is the smallest of the Mascarene Islands and a dependency of Mauritius.Rodrigues is a place that is strikingly beautiful. The island is hilly with lot of flora and has a lot of beaches and tiny islands around it, such as Ile aux Cocos. Its highest peak is Mont Limon, which reaches 395 meters. The rest of the island is made of basaltic rock and along the coastlines (total length of 78km) there are numerous coves and creeks and high cliffs.
The landscapes vary from hilly lands to steep volcanic hills standing up as basaltic organ pipes. Its coasts are made of wild creeks, marvelous sandy beaches and coral reefs, surrounded by small islets. The lagoon and coral reefs of Rodrigues are twice the area of the islands and are very rich and full of marine life. Rodrigues is a well preserved island where people live simply and where those who want to go ‘off the beaten track’ should stay for a few days. Its charm and simple unhurried pace of life attract celebrities from around the world who come to enjoy the island’s tranquility and natural beauty. Rodrigues Island is definitely one of the best places on earth to spend a quiet and a memorable holiday. Those who enjoy nature’s beauty will be mesmerised on seeing the scenic beauty of this peaceful island. The tropical vegetation of the region is extremely enchanting. Also, the island provides the perfect settings for honeymoon couples as well as for families wanting to relax.
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