Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Travel: Why Sal Island Is Called The Sun Island

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When approaching the island of Sal, it seems like you are landing on a golden pearl of sand in the middle of the turquoise-blue ocean. Above all, one thing can be found on Sal: sand. Deserts and dry valleys. But little oases, salt marches and dormant volcanoes also distinguish the appearance of the island. For many years, the island was a centre for salt mining, which is also where the name Sal (salt) comes from. However, the salt is almost only for local use and for tourists by now. The island is very flat on the whole, which is why clouds hardly have a chance to stay above it and there is almost no rain. So: sun, sun, sun… and kilometres of sandy beaches making it the perfect place to get a tan, breath in the fresh air and stroll to your hearts content. Sal island also has some fantastic underwater caves to explore, as well as unbelievably clear reefs. About five kilometres to the north of Palmeira port is Olho Azul, a water inlet that you can peer into and witness an iridescent ‘Blue Eye’ of seawater gazing back at you.
But the best views are from below, and various teams offers diving trips into the cave that forms the Eye, as well as excursions to various dive sites and even into an old shipwreck. A wonderful sight to look forward to is the mirage at Terra Boa. It appears as an ocean right in the middle of the desert. It is an incredible sight and one you may never come across again.
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