Travel: Get Enchanted By The House Of Susanne Wenger

This historical building which is filled with arts and culture was once the home of Adunni Orisha, Susanne Wenger an Australian woman who settled in Oshogbo lived in that house from 1958 till her death in 2009. Wenger who turned to Yoruba religion after she was healed of tuberculosis by a Yoruba priest prided herself in celebrating the Yoruba culture. The house contains over 400 works which are mostly the works of the New Sacred Art Movement. The building is watched over by Susanne’s two adopted children, Priest, and artist Sangodare Ajala and Chief Priestess Adedoyin Talabi Faniyi, who also live in the house and open the public areas of the house to visitors.¬†¬†Photo Credit: Getty


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