Travel: Give The Whole Family Crew The Fun They Deserve At Dreamworld Africana

Dreamworld Africana is a family park in Lagos, that offers the entire family a day filled with fun, leisure and adventure. The park is a perfect place for a family outing and a place to blow the minds of the kids with interesting rides and games that everyone can take part in. The place is spacious, clean, safe and can be used for excursion by schools, corporate events, private party and group event.
The park is one of the main amusement parks in the city, It is a dream come true for kids, providing many attractions to keep visitors excited. There is a Bumper Car Pavilion that is always a star attraction with the boys, teenagers and adults, presenting a unique driving dodge and crash and leaving visitors craving for more. There is a roller coaster ride ideal for the entire family – the Family Coaster’s thrill is full of ups, downs, turns and twists and is a clear favourite for children and teenage girls.
The Toddler Play Zone is safe, educative and intriguing for toddlers. There is also the Carousel, populated with horses, a great ride for the entire family. Overall, there are things to do here for all the family, keeping the entire family’s day a memorable one that can never be forgotten.

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