Travel Dairies: 5 Places To Spend New Year’s Eve In Lagos

In Nigeria, the grand focal point or rather say there’s no better place to experience New Year’s Eve if not Lagos. New Year’s Eve in Lagos.

If you’re counting down here, expect fireworks, all-night parties at the city’s top venues, and a host of family-friendly events.

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  1. Lagos Fiesta: Go watch some serious fireworks display at the Eko Atlantic. One Lagos Fiesta will be winding down later that midnight after an eight-day celebration and fun galore.

2. Lagos Countdown:

It’s an annual event hosted by Bar Beach in Lagos. The event starts on the 7th or 8th of December and ends right on the first day of January (New Year). The event lasts for more than twenty days. The event’s festivities are live music, karaoke, fireworks, and parties.

3. Go Partying:

Party with top Nigerian hip-hop artists at Quilox, Sip or any club you can think of.

Make sure you have fun! And be safe out there.New Year's Eve In Lagos

4. Yacht Party in Lagos Lagoon

This place is recommended if you are feeling fancy or wanting to experience exotic settings on the island. There’s also boat club namely Lagos Motor Boat Club where you can sign up for membership.

5. Church/ Masjid: Finally go to church and pray your way into the New Year, asking God for what you need for the New Year. Setting New Year’s goals.

Old Cathedral Church

New Year’s Eve In Lagos, Happy New Year to y’all our esteemed viewers…

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