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Travel: 7 Places You Must Visit This Christmas

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Christmas and New Year are around the corner, it’s less than a month to the festive periods and we can’t keep calm. Travelling and visitations are so peculiar to this period but despite its commonness, some families and individuals stay all day at home in the stead of going out to have some fun. It is a good idea to cook and have guests visit you for the festive period but it is more important that you don’t just stay at home watching TV, cooking and serving jollof rice and chicken and not have a moment of wild fun for yourself.Travel: 7 Must Places You Must Visit This Christmas
So today, we bring you 7 places you need really to and must visit this for fun. These places will surely help make the memories of the Christmas and New Year worthwhile, lingering n your mind even as you will be resuming back to the stress and struggles of work in January.
1. Beach: For it’s peaceful, easy-going qualities, beach time is seen as a great source of stress relief. But it’s more than that, researchers say. Being at the beach has specific health benefits for your brain and your body, which is why it’s the best place to take a few hours, days off (or live permanently, if you’re lucky enough, lol). Make it more of a picnic, ensure you have your blanket, food and drinks with you. Then, take some additional money, you know, at least to go horse riding and all.Travel: 7 Must Places You Must Visit This Christmas2. Amusement Parks: you can get to engage in various attractions, such as rides and games, as well as other events for entertainment purposes at amusement parks. All you need do is get your mind open to trying out new things and phew, massive fun you will have.
3. Resort Centres: whether wildlife resort centres or other nature resorts, there is no feeling as experiencing nature in its real state. So, yeah, visit a resort centre, museum or nature parks this Christmas.Travel: 7 Must Places You Must Visit This Christmas4. Cinema: the cool, enclosing and dark environment helps you relax and feel cool. Seeing a very interesting movie while eating popcorns complements the environment and just gives you enough fun for the day and for Christmas, so visiting a cinema is not a bad idea. Also, as opposed to the normal cinema, you may go for a movienic (movie plus picnic), an outdoor event where you get to see a movie and still have a picnic. All you need for this is to go along with your foods a blanket that you can sit on with your loved ones! You may go alone but then, going with loved one(s) may just add more fun to it, you know. This is definitely a fun alternative to going to a regular cinema.
5. Music Concert/Karaoke: there are usually plenty of musical concerts and carnivals in this festive period, it’s up to you not to deny yourself one. Watching your celebrities perform, singing along and jumping is so fun, only if you would do it. Karaokes are not bad ideas too, you can be the celeb singing, you know. So be on the watch for celebrities live concerts or the carnivals and jams in the neighbourhood or treat yourself to a karaoke bar and enjoy Christmas and the New Year.6. Sports Centre: skydiving, swimming, racing, skating and many more are fun sports you can engage in for  Christmas. Aside from having fun, you will learn something new and have an adventure, and who knows, you may just find a new hobby for yourself.
Travelling with kids in the festive period, especially Christmas is inevitable, so here for you are 5 Secrets To Enjoying Your Trip While Travelling With Kids
7. International Tourist Centres: travelling abroad is not a bad idea for Christmas. All you need to do is start planning. It is not too late to get tickets at a lesser price compared to December. Read here for tips on how to have maximum fun while you travel without spending too much.Photos Credit: KOKO/Getty

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